White Sage


White Sage has been used for millennia by Native Americans and still is as it allows you to free yourself from negative energies, also purifying environments and objects, and to protect yourself from negativity, open your mind and make it quiet.

According to the shamans, in fact, White Sage frees the spaces from any evil spirit or negative energies that may be present there.

This power is released by the plant by burning its leaves, which are typically grouped in the form of rods or sticks. Even today many Native Americans, and others, use the stems and leaves during purification ceremonies and to attract prosperity.
White Sage and Paperflower
For the purification of personal energy, a smudge (the intertwining of leaves) of White Sage is taken and turned on. You have to blow on the smudge until it begins to release its purifying smoke.
White Sage Voganto
It must then pass along the entire body starting from the bottom up. If you have a feather (of any bird as long as it is not synthetic) it is possible to spread the smoke all over the body. It is very important to pass it over the top of the head. Already after five minutes you should feel a greater sense of lightness that can alleviate or make headaches, nausea, nervousness and pain in general disappear.
To purify your home, you have to pass smoke along all the walls, being careful not to skip corners. Fumigation with this plant is ideal when buying a home or if you’ve never done so. Turning on a smudge when meditating or relaxing is a great way to quiet the mind and open up to the divine.

How to recognize if there is negative energy: if, when the white sage smudge is turned on, the smoke released is thin and delicate, it means that the energy of the house is clean; while if the smoke is thick and curved, it means that the air is saturated with negativity and the sage will neutralize it. Let the smoke release for an hour.