Capim Dourado

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Also known as “vegetable gold”, Capim Dourado is a plant that grows exclusively in the Brazilian region of Jalapão, and is characterized by the typical golden color that this plant takes on in one of its states of maturation.
Its processing technique takes place according to tradition, handed down by the Indios from generation to generation. It is an eco-sustainable product, the production of which is protected by Brazilian legislation, to avoid the intensive exploitation of this resource.

The processing of this vegetable fiber gives life to elegant and refined bijoux, unique in their kind and light to wear, eco-sustainable, water resistant and completely hypoallergenic.

We are manufacturers and wholesalers of costume jewelery in Capim Dourado, we are direct importers.
We design and commission our designs from artisans in the Jalapao region.

We resell exclusively wholesale and distribute throughout Europe.

On our site you will find many models and many new products.

We resell our collections to Bijoux shops, Herbalists, Jewelers, gift items.

In our collections you can find: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips and rings in gold capim.