Himalayan pink salt items

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Choose Voganto…. The only wholesale distributor in Italy of articles for herbalists, including lamps, furnishing accessories, incense and much more.

We specialize in creating unique and original items.

To make a difference, you need to stand out from the competition and offer new items to your customers.

Only in this way could I increase sales and profits without falling back into the price war.

We are manufacturers and direct importers.
We sell wholesale and distribute in Italy and Europe.

We are distributors for herbalists, wholesalers for organic perfumeries, wellness centres, organic shops, we design and produce unique and original lines of Himalayan pink salt lamps.

In this category you will find certified Himalayan pink salt lamps, usb lamps, salt bowl, sphere, Himalayan pink salt plate, Himalayan pink bath salts, coconut leaf and glass lamps and pink Himalayan salt ‘Himalaya, candle holder, fine salt and coarse food.

You will find many news every month.

We are the only manufacturers of the Unica Himalayan salt lamp.