Natural Soaps and Deodorants

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Supplies for herbalists, we distribute wholesale in Italy and Europe many of our soaps and deodorants imported directly from us.

Within the category you will find:

POTASSIUM ALUM: Potassium alum is an odorless mineral, indicated to mitigate excessive sweating.

NABLUS PALESTINIAN SOAP: The soap is produced in Nablus with pure virgin olive oil from the first pressing.

DUDU OSUN: It is an African black soap with antiseptic, restructuring, emollient properties, used for centuries to relieve acne and other skin problems.

SOLID AMBER GRAY, MUSK, AMBER PERFUME: Like all aromatic substances of animal origin, ambergris is a natural product – technically a pheromone – which acts directly on the nervous and hormonal system through the sense of smell. Gives spiritual and sensual notes to those who use it.

ALEPPO SOAP: Aleppo soap owes its name to the homonymous city in Syria and is one of the oldest soaps. It is composed of Olive Oil and Laurel Oil. It is perfect for the daily hygiene of the face and hands, it does not dry or irritate the skin and is suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin.
It doesn’t contain preservatives, additives and it’s all green.
Aleppo soap is made more valuable by the percentage of mixture between the two oils. The more Laurel Oil it contains, the more valuable it is.

HOT TIGER BALM: its ingredients are menthol, camphor and other essential oils such as cajeput, cassia, cloves and mint. The remaining percentage of the compound is made up of paraffin and petrolatum.