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Voganto: Direct importer of vases and trays from all over the world!
We have been selling our handmade pots and trays throughout Italy and Europe for over 20 years!

Wholesale Vases and Trays

Aboriginal Style vases and trays are handmade on the Island of Lomboc.

The women of the island prepare the clay with sand, water and oils.

They work it with small lathes and after having dried it in the open air they transport it to the village furnace for cooking.

The natural color of the ceramic, once the firing process is complete, is terracotta, but tradition provides for color variations and characterizing shades. By throwing rice flour on the hot pottery you get streaks and black spots that make each piece unique. The creations are then hand painted by the artisans using the Australian Aboriginal technique of dot dotting. The decorations are created by various colored dots that are released through the use of a syringe to form the desired design.