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Voganto Ingrosso Handmade Ethnic Lamps

Voganto Lamps are created with natural materials such as “Gamal Wood” reclaimed wood, marine wood, natural shells, mother of pearl, resin, recycled glass, all originating from Indonesian lands.

We design many of the collections that you will be able to find on this category.

We sell exclusively to wholesale, we are producers and distributors and direct importers.

On our site you will find floor lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and wiring for lamps.

We resell our lamps to ethnic shops, objects and furnishing accessories, lamp and chandelier shops, oriental items.

Our models are ethnic, industrial and urban, vintage, jungle, Provençal, rustic, shabby chic and classic, bohemian or boho chic.

The “Gamal Wood” reclaimed wood lamps have particular roots that resemble a coral due to their very jagged shape. They lend themselves well to the creation of particular objects for interior furnishings. Gamal is a solid wood which due to its complex shape can only be worked by hand by skilled craftsmen. The combination of this element with the “Edison” bulb recalls a Vintage style but today very current in the Industrial trend.