Soy Wax Candle Patchouli and Red Jasper 200g

Explore the captivating aroma of patchouli and the protective energy of red jasper with our wholesale soy candle. Each candle is enriched with a red jasper stone, which provides stability and vitality. Offer your customers a unique experience and add a touch of well-being and protection to your product selection. Become a distributor of our soy candles with red jasper stone and provide them with a special gift that lasts beyond the candle itself.

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Organic Goodness is a line of 100% organic and ethical products, made exclusively with raw materials of natural origin without the use of toxic elements, with an elegant and sophisticated packaging made of recycled paper and for the production of which child labor is not used. The natural composition of the Organic Goodness line is certified by Biocert International.

The elegant recycled cardboard packaging, opening up like a flower, reveals inside an original candle in a glass jar, made with soy wax, essential oils and cotton wick. Soy candles produce less smoke and less soot than paraffin candles, releasing less CO2 into the environment in which they are used. Burning time: about 60 hours.

Organic Goodness Agarwood WOOD OF AGAR candle: the spicy scent, with woody and musky nuances, is intoxicating and invigorating.
In recent years, oud has become a substance much loved by noses all over the world, it is increasingly used by perfumers, including those who deal with and create artistic compositions. This essence recalls the seductive and mysterious atmospheres of the East, it is very warm, intense and decisive.

Due to its rare and precious character it is also known as the "wood of the gods". The meaning is ancient and knowing it will make you want to try the sublime perfumes dominated by oud or oudh on your skin.